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Hi, welcome to The Wake of December! This is one of the many stories I’ve written, however, this is the third story I have written on WordPress. I currently have another story going called The Life & Times of the Willows. The Wake of December is a revised story I started back in 2007, but never did finished. I really hope you enjoy this story as much as I do writing it. Thanks for dropping by!

 About The Wake of December

Having an alcoholic for a mother is not easy; especially for a young girl such as December Lennox. Forced to fend for her own needs, she soon learns the hard knocks of life. At the age of seventeen, tragedy strikes and she is faced with a sudden harsh reality. Now taking care of her little brother alone, she must find a way for them to survive without anyone finding out. Knowing her only option is to get away from their old hometown, she finds herself amongst the midst of a whole new world.


6 comments on “Home

  1. Awesome, don’t worry I totally get it…story writing takes freakin’ ages! Especially with all the screenshots, photoshop…and the writing bit *sigh* You have my utmost respect for doing this AS WELL as studying…!

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    • Lol, thanks. It does seem like it takes forever at times, haha. But it’s an escape for me. I have a bad habit of studying too much to the point where I burn myself out, so I’m learning how to balance everything out so I don’t go crazy just from school.

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